High School [2017-2021]

Learned a ton about programming in the 4 years I was there

  • awesome courses it offered
  • amazing teacher I had guiding me through it all.

got the following awards while I was there

  • Computer Science Department Award (one of only two recipients)
  • High Honors (Granted based on number of AP and CE classes)
  • Institute of Science and Technology Scholar
  • Faculty Award for Exceptional Students
  • Top 10% of Graduating Class

AP Computer Science

In my first 2 years,

  • College level course on Java

Data Structures and Algorithms and Machine Learning

last 2 years

  • python, pandas, scikitlearn, keras
  • work with big data, processing it into something that can be easily used in statistics
  • train neural networks

IT and Security Education

last 2 years

  • Computer Assembly and Diagnostics
  • Complete understanding of the TCP/IP stack and protocols
  • Network/Security Troubleshooting
  • working with network switches and setting up windows servers in VMS